1. Transparency in costs/pricing and services for consumer to choose (public database/ “menu”) 
  2. Provider incentives/support for decreased liability, allowing patients to decline or request specific tests/services/procedures 
  3. “Emergency only” health insurance coverage option in Iowa
  4. Additional provisions for expanding FHA/HAS health investment options
  5. Supporting doctors/providers operating clinics outside of health insurance requirements (ie “cash/private pay only”)
  1. Change marijuana law so that law enforcement and court systems are not using valuable resources to investigate, arrest, detain, and prosecute individuals for marijuana related crimes
  2. Utilizing fiscal resources for support services such as rehabilitation centers, mental health clinics, etc
  3. Supporting legislation that encourages law enforcement to build relationships in communities they serve (“humanizing” both individuals and officers by creating lower stress environments and interactions)
  4. Increase visibility of policing vehicles and apparel to provide safety and transparency in community (bright marked cars and uniforms, immediately identifiable)

Police Reform


  1. Provide accessible options for families based on own desires and needs
  2. Utilize vouchers for all who wish to homeschool, transfer districts, attend private school
  3. Re-assess how school funds are allocated based on taxes
  1. Identify 3 areas that create the most financial hardship for business owners (taxes, insurance, payroll)
  2. Support the freedom for businesses to choose to require or not require masking, oppose government mandates requiring private business to mask
  3. Allow business owners to opt out of worker’s comp. coverage, and instead save the money in their own managed fund for employee injury. 
  4. Incentivize, not penalize new businesses that are created to fill a need in the state

Small Business


  1. Eliminate taxes earmarked for environmental issues, increasing options to individuals to use and preserve the land
  2. Foster dialogue and decision-making with individuals who have experience and interest in environmentalism, hunting, farming
  3. Support local farmers
  1. Educating the general public on transgender (and all GSM) experiences to foster understanding that GSM individuals are an integral part of our neighborhoods, cities, state, and nation.
  2. Criminalizing the use of conversion therapy in the state of Iowa

Gender and Sexual Minority Issues