The safety of all individuals and officers is a priority in this campaign, fostering transparency and restoring integrity in relationships between law enforcement and Iowans. Our goal is to decrease negative interactions between law enforcement and citizens. One option is through the removal of unnecessary laws that only serve to generate money for the state. This will be instrumental in freeing up time and resources for more positive interactions between law enforcement and the public. This will allow officers available time to attend and participate in community events, get to know neighbors in the communities they patrol, and engage in more humanizing and uplifting interactions. Another way to create this shift is through the changing of marijuana laws so that law enforcement and court systems are not using valuable resources to investigate, arrest, detain, and prosecute individuals for marijuana related crimes. I will support legislation that encourages law enforcement to build relationships in communities they serve by humanizing both individuals and officers in lower stress environments and interactions, along with working for increased visibility of policing vehicles and apparel to provide safety and transparency in the community with brightly marked cars and uniforms that are immediately identifiable.

To enact such changes, policies must be made that require repeat calls to the same address to be referred to case managers and social workers. This follow-up ensures that supports are given and resources offered to assist in solving the root of the issues, not using the officers in situations beyond their scope of duty and training. While this is not necessary for every repeat call, this process would focus on domestic abuse issues, drug offenses, and suicidal ideations. 

Decriminalizing drugs in our state is essential to the health and safety of our communities and officers. By removing the punitive aspect of addiction, individuals are able to seek help and support in battling such addictions. Resources will be publicized, and healthcare options for treating addiction will be more accessible, available, and destigmatized. The money spent in previous years in “fighting the war on drugs” can be reallocated to sponsor rehabilitation centers. Locking up people with addiction, those with documented health conditions, is a waste of financial resources as well as jeopardizes the safety of our officers when they are mandated to arrest such individuals. 

Revenue drives many of our state laws, some of which are unnecessary and violate our individual freedom. Examples of these laws related to vehicles are window tint laws and front license plate requirements. Every time an officer pulls over a vehicle for these stops, they are risking their safety and using up valuable resources.  I will pursue an amendment to our Iowa state constitution, banning any form of police surveillance and ticketing. These practices are not centered in protecting individual’s safety, but are for the purpose of generating municipal income.