Iowans of Gender and Sexual Minorities have the right to pursue healthy, safe, and full lives, surrounded by understanding and mutual respect. The initiatives I will support help ensure GSM Iowans have the opportunity to pursue such lives. Educating the general public on transgender (and all GSM) experiences will foster understanding that GSM individuals are an integral part of our neighborhoods, cities, state, and nation. Implementing low or no cost initiatives that make life easier for these individuals is essential. For example, I will introduce legislation that requires all single stall bathrooms be designated as gender neutral. This is a little to no cost way to create safe and inclusive spaces for all Iowans. I will support any state-wide mandate that the gender marker be removed from all licenses in the state of Iowa as it is unnecessary and can lead to harassment/harm for some individuals. Another critical aspect to keeping all GSM Iowans safe is pursuing the criminalization of conversion therapy, a barbaric form of torture attempting to convert individuals from gay to straight/trans to cis-gender, that is currently still legal and practiced in this state. Alongside these initiatives, the education of Iowans as to the experiences and issues facing GSM individuals will be priority in preserving liberty for all.