Education is a commodity that should be free and accessible for all. Education, however, is not a one size fits all structure. Our education expenditures continue to increase while grades and scores remain stagnant. We have a system that taxes locally to fund public education in that area. This system creates disparities whereby poorer neighborhoods receive less funding and wealthier neighborhoods receive greater funding. This disparity widens the wealth gap and holds low socio-economic students hostage, in a sense, trapping families in cycles of generational poverty.  Education is one of the most powerful tools to increase wealth and stability, and all must have access to pursuing the training and education they desire. 

Education should be offered as a choice for each individual family, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, religious background, socio-economic status, etc. For example, there has also been much concern over mask in mandates and whether schools can or should enforce them or not. Public schooling and our current set up does not allow for free choice of individuals, whether they are uncomfortable going to a school that allows masks or uncomfortable forcing their children to wear masks. If the school district closest to your child requires masks and you don’t want your child to wear a mask, open enrolling in another school district should be simple and accessible. The same is true for those who wish to attend a school where masking is mandatory. Vouchers should be available to individuals to support home school, micro school, out of district, or private school options. In reality, public schools are not public at all: They are funded by the public, but there is limited open access and choice. What other public entity can restrict individuals from going and coming?  K-12 education is a government funded education system, not a public school system. In order to decrease the wealth gap, increase skills and training for those who desire it, and ensure that families have choice in all school health and learning options, we must make schools truly public.