Giving back to those who constantly give

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This is for the ones that sacrifice time with their families to save the lives of others. They show up in the worst of times to start the recovery. They eat cold food because their radio won’t stop. They lose nights and days with their spouses and kids because there are not enough of them. […]

Happy Federal Fraud and Waste Day

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Share on email Happy Federal Fraud and Waste Day! Have you heard of this holiday? You may recognize it by another name, and if you have a job, then you are a forced participant. Tax day! The deadline to file taxes this year […]

School choice solution for an outdated system

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Share on email We as parents strive for our children to have more opportunities in life than we did. A solid educational foundation provides an avenue to achieve higher education or vocational training. Without essential reading and math skills, students struggle to keep […]

Outdated drug laws lead to barriers in medical treatment and tax revenue

Marijuana laws have not worked. Anti-marijuana propaganda, declaring a “War on Drugs, while increasing enforcement of drug laws has not reduced addiction or the effect on our society. Legislation must learn from the past instead of continuing outdated, ineffective policies. Restrictions on marijuana also diminish its availability to become utilized medicinally. These laws encourage petty […]

Reflection of past week

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Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Share on email Today marks the end of one of the busiest weeks I’ve had since announcing that I was going to run for office. Started off last Thursday at a 2A rally at the state capital. It was amazing listening to some […]

Just the beginning! Iowa House wants to put money back in the pocket of Iowans

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Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Share on email The Iowa House passed the Republican supported proposal, HF 2317, proposing a 4.82% flat income tax for earnings over $6,000 and exempting retirement earnings at a vote of 61 to 37. Flat taxes demonstrate the “trickle-down” theory of economic politics, […]

My toughest interview

At the LGBTQ Day on the Hill that I attended I was ambushed by the toughest interviewer I have met so far. Lily is a six year old girl that had recently started going through a transition. This young girl started this interview off with extremelyHard-hitting questions like when did you know you were a […]

Happy Internationl Women’s Day

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Today we mark international women’s day. The support of women is why I chose to run as a Libertarian instead of as an independent. The Libertarian Party made history in 1972 when Toni Nathan became the first woman to receive a vote in the Electoral College. Fast forward to 2020 when Jo Jorgensen became the […]

It is time to unite people before party.

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Iowa, it is time to unite people before party. For far too long, Republicrats have worked as “good cop/bad cop” to take our freedoms away.  While many of the laws have been enacted with the best of intentions, the reality is that these overreaching laws restrict our ability to choose our best paths. The voting […]