Jeni Kadel

My name is Jeni Kadel, and I am a small business owner, parent to four children, and spouse to my wife of 15 years. I am also a transwoman. I was born and raised in a very typical Midwestern family, residing in Omaha, Nebraska. My childhood and youth were filled with many of the same things many of you may have participated in: football, Boy Scouts, and the general “rough and tumble” mayhem that growing up in a household with siblings entails.  After graduating from high school, I attended Iowa State University on earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. My days at Iowa State were spent participating in my fraternity’s activities, and I made a few life-long friends. I met my wife while in college, and we just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Our four children are being raised and educated in the Southeast Polk District. Our days are busy settling in to our new home in Altoona and managing our business, Kadel Medical Services.

My path to becoming a member of the Libertarian political party may help you better understand who I am and why I believe that we can create the communities we desire. I come from a long line of staunch Republicans, with a grandfather who was very vocal in his beliefs.

Initially, I did align with the Republican Party as well. In 2016, a shift occurred. I no longer felt that the Republican nor the Democratic parties had our individual interests at heart, but both cared more about their party interests than individual needs. I started a search for a new belonging that better represented my hopes for our country and my family. The Libertarian Party stood out as a “best kept secret” with a message we all desperately need.  I jumped in

enthusiastically, researching and collecting signatures for Jo Jorgenson, attending events and listening to speeches from Spike Cohen and other Libertarians, attempting to bridge the GSM community, encouraging my friends to expand their circles of thought. We represent the party of individual choice, meaning that no one, individual or government, should have the power nor the right over your health, business, and families, so long as your personal choices do not harm others. I, and you, have the right to do with our bodies and our businesses as we see fit.  This ideology is one with which I whole-heartedly align, believing that my decisions for myself, family, and business are only mine alone to make. I believe the same for you. You have the right to make the best choices for yourself, family, and business when presented with resources and information. This is the foundation of my philosophy, People over Party. 

The issues on which I have built my platform are drawn from the experiences and interactions I have had in my community and state.  With a background as a paramedic and business owner, the nuances of our healthcare system are something I deal with daily. My business, Kadel Medical Services, transports clients to and from medical appointments. I often have time to chat with our clients, learning about their needs and stories as they navigate their own health choices and options. Through many discussions, I can clearly see how we will improve the freedom of choice in our state.  Maintaining our health and safety is critical in protecting our individual rights – whether it is freedom to use marijuana, reform policing practices that better protect individuals and prepare officers, educate our communities on GSM issues, or provide transparent options in healthcare. I promise to represent you, the people, not a designated party. Join me in this election as we learn from each other, working toward the common goal of health and safety for each individual in our district, state, and nation.