Ambulance signboard

Giving back to those who constantly give

This is for the ones that sacrifice time with their families to save the lives of others. They show up in the worst of times to start the recovery. They eat cold food because their radio won’t stop. They lose nights and days with their spouses and kids because there are not enough of them. To all the EMTs and Paramedics, I salute you!

I became a first responder in order to give back to my community.  I felt a need to give back to my community in a meaningful way, so I joined the Mitchellville Fire Department as a volunteer. While on the department, we were called to a car accident on the interstate. The damage to the car was significant, and the driver was injured. I watched the EMS crew and the helicopter that we called to the scene administer care in a calm and compassionate way, and it was then that I knew I wanted to do this as a career. I wanted to serve and assist my community in some of the moments that matter most.

I have lived a life of public service. That is why as a candidate of the Iowa State House I want to share with you how I plan to make to enrich the lives of first responders in our state.

First lets talk education. I have three plans to assist there. First plan is that I will work tirelessly to develop a conversion program for veterans that were medics in the military to become EMTs in Iowa. A military medic already takes the same exact course that we require for civilian EMTs in Iowa. Secondly I will work to encourage our state to be the first to offer a college degree in Emergency Medicine Science so that anyone that completes the requirements to be a Paramedic in Iowa can easily obtain a college degree by just by taking a few extra class. Third I will work to get the licensing classes for EMTs offered in our high schools so that those that are interested can take the classes as part of their high school diploma.

Secondly putting money back in the pocket of our first responders. I don’t work as a full time public service servant right now but I can tell you the ones that do, they definitely don’t do it for the paycheck. I will work to pass laws that will exempt first responders from income tax and property tax on one acre of land. I think this is a reasonable thank you for their service.

Thirdly I will work to make it easier for local EMS services to give back to the community. Most people don’t know but the work we do in the community to prevent accidents is just as important as responding to calls. I will propose legislation that will create a voluntarily funded fund that will provide grants to local services to use to fund community education events. I also want work to create a statewide private nonprofit to do the same.

Again to those in our community that regularly put your life on the line for others, I salute you!