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Happy Federal Fraud and Waste Day

Happy Federal Fraud and Waste Day! Have you heard of this holiday? You may recognize it by another name, and if you have a job, then you are a forced participant. Tax day! The deadline to file taxes this year is April 18th, and if you are late or choose not to file, your government will impose fines, garnishments, or imprisonment to gain compliance.

I believe individuals have the right to live how they choose, including the right to determine how they spend their hard-earned wages. Employers are forced to take on the role of tax collectors, deducting state and federal taxes directly from your paychecks. At the same time, the IRS has $12.3 billion in expenditures (FY 2020). I want this madness to stop.

Individuals should be able to choose what we fund, not blindly deferring to political discretion. Government officials take your earnings and spend how they see fit, in a way that often benefits them most. As neighbors, we can and should help each other without government intervention and control. I support policies that seek to reduce and eliminate taxes while gaining individual control of earnings. The ideal tax rate is zero. You have a right to every cent you earn. Sound interesting?