At the LGBTQ Day on the Hill that I attended I was ambushed by the toughest interviewer I have met so far. Lily is a six year old girl that had recently started going through a transition. This young girl started this interview off with extremelyHard-hitting questions like when did you know you were a girl. She told me some of her story and her experience with her friends and in school. She had several thought-provoking questions to follow this one up.

Suddenly she changed the entire theme of this interview. She began to hit me with questions about gaming. But I would not let this tactic Rattle me. I answered these questions to the best of my abilities, thankfully my kids “game.” She told me about an educational game she plays, and I’m afraid to start it because I may get hooked.

Now, Lilly if you’re reading this, i’m truly humbled and envious of your desire to figure out who you really are at your age. This level of insight will serve you well as you grow. I am very sorry that you are being used as a prop in a political attack. How anyone could look at you and see anything but a girl that wants to follow her dreams is mind-blowing. Please know that I will work every day to ensure you are treated the same as every other girl is and should be treated.