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Happy Internationl Women’s Day

Today we mark international women’s day. The support of women is why I chose to run as a Libertarian instead of as an independent. The Libertarian Party made history in 1972 when Toni Nathan became the first woman to receive a vote in the Electoral College. Fast forward to 2020 when Jo Jorgensen became the first woman to ever appear on ballots in all 50 states as both a vice presidential (1988) and presidential candidate.

The words “Liberty and Justice for all” in the Libertarian Party means everyone. Libertarians believe that women, like all individuals, deserve to live their lives in the way they desire. This includes, and has always included, sovereignty over their careers, their bodies, and the protection of their rights.

In Iowa’s near future we hope to provide the first African American woman in the state senate. I will be the first trans woman to be elected to the state House of Representatives. I chose to run as a libertarian because the ultimate way to give people their power over a party is to believe in the sovereignty of the individual.