My First Week as an official candidate

The journey is on. Great way to start your next adventure

Today marks the end of one of the busiest weeks I’ve had since announcing that I was going to run for office. Started off last Thursday at a 2A rally at the state capital. It was amazing listening to some of the speakers hearing some of the stories and informing people about the Libertarian party. This weekend was spent shuttling kids to scouts basketball games cheer and all the other events that families do it. On Monday I met with several libertarians from across the state to turn in our paperwork and officially file for candidacy. And yesterday I again went to the capital to speak out for the GSM community. We attempted to talk to senators about the discriminatory bill they were going to vote on the next day. Today I watched that bill pass up and I watch the Republicans wave a middle finger at the mental health of trans youth in our state. I ended today with the Polk County county Libertarian meeting.

I am officially the first trans woman in the state of Iowa to run for a State position. But that’s not why am running. That’s not what’s important about my campaign. I am running because our system is broken. The individuals that make decisions that affect each and everyone of us every single day don’t care what you think. When they’re handed a bill they figure out what their party wants. At that point in time it’s your job to try to convince them to vote against their party. This happens on both sides of the aisle. It shouldn’t be that way we have gotten away from caring about the individual. They only care about talking points and  rallying their base.


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